Sean O Meara is a former hurler who has been involved in coaching and selecting teams ever since, I am aware of the necessity for players to train with a top quality sliotar similar to that being used in league and championship games.

As a result I was determined to to provide a sliotar that would pass the GAA’s strict criteria for sliotar quality but also a sliotar that would last the pace of day-to-day training at a price that was competitive and affordable.

So, after extensive testing to achieve a top quality sliotar, I have brought the O Meara Championship sliotar to the market. It has superior quality leather that will dry quickly and perform equally as well after drying.

Only a top quality elasticated PU core is used to provide excellent striking qualities and a sliotar that will travel a long distance in a straight line. This PU core does not loose its shape leading to a long lasting sliotar.

At the request of clubs requiring a durable, waterproofed sliotar at a reasonable price I have introduced the O Meara Supreme sliotar to the market. Made with a top quality durable, waterproofed, artificial leather and the same top quality elasticated PU core as in the championship sliotar, the Supreme Sliotar is ideal for Irish weather conditions. This sliotar is the regulation weight and size of the championship sliotar.

If you are looking for a top quality sliotar at an affordable price buy the “O Meara” sliotar and you won’t be disappointed.

O'Meara Sliotars