O'Meara Sliotars

We supply top quality Sliotars, Gaelic Footballs and GAA accessories for ridiculously low prices. Check our selections and order online for free delivery, or contact us directly for bulk orders.

Special Offers

Best Deal:
O’Meara Classic

12 new and improved Classic training sliotars for just €40 incl. delivery. Or grab yourself 24 for just €75 including delivery.

Best Ball:
O’Meara Supreme

From €4.20 per ball: Made from top quality artificial leather. Our own design & personal fave, almost indestructible sliotar.

SIX for the
price of FIVE:

Buy any five single sliotars of your choice, and we´ll throw in a sixth for free. This deal also includes free direct delivery with An Post.

Football Deal:

Size 4 GAA Football for €25 incl. delivery. This top quality, hand stitched and waterproof GAA football is a fantastic deal.


Is a family business that lives and breathes GAA. We are dedicated to the development and supply of the best quality Sliotars, Gaelic Footballs and GAA accessories, and pride ourselves on keeping our prices so low.

  • O’Meara Supreme Grips

    The O'Meara Supreme PU Grips are made from a very durable, soft, non-slip PU material. These extremely long lasting grips are available in two sizes, regular and extra long, and available in Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green and Multicolours. Online orders shipped to the Republic of Ireland only. For orders from all other countries, please contact us directly.
    • Price: - €4.00 per regular grip. (incl. delivery) - €5.50 per extra long grip. (incl. delivery) - €65.00 for 24 regular grips. (incl. delivery) - €90.00 for 24 extra long grips. (incl. delivery)
  • O Meara Velvet Gift Bag & Keyring

    High quality, unbranded velvet gift bag including free O`Meara keyring, and easily fitting a dozen sliotars (sold extra). This limited edition option is perfect and elegant gift add-on for the hurlers in your life. Only available as an add-on with an order of a dozen Sliotars or equivalent. Price: 5 EUR including Keyring and delivery.
  • Training Water Bottle

    Plastic Water Bottle with a screw top design, with a pull-out rubber mouthpiece. Size: 750ml. Colours: White with a Red Cap. Price: €6
  • Football Gloves

    O´Meara Gaelic Football Gloves Top quality lightweight stretch fabric, excellent in wet conditions and proven to last the pace. - Latex palm for superior grip in all playing conditions - Flexible mesh fabric beside thumb for comfort and durability - Wide Velcro strap for secure fastening. Size: Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Colour: Green and White, Red and White, Blue and White, Yellow and White. Price: €14-00 per pair of small sized gloves incl. delivery to Ireland. €18-00 per pair of medium or large sized gloves incl. delivery to Ireland. €5-00 extra to GB.
  • Speed Agility Ladders

    Fold-up Speed Agility Ladder ideal for speed training, forcing your feet to adapt to extremely fast patterns. Size: 4 Meters Long. Available as a 4-meter ladder in a carrier bag. Colour: Black and Yellow. Price: €25-00 per ladder incl. delivery to Ireland. €5-00 extra to GB.
  • Flat Hurdles

    Flexible Light-weight Hurdles that will revert to shape after being put under pressure. Size: 6" High or 9" High. Available in sets of 6 in a storage wrap. Colours: 6" in Yellow, 9" in Red. Price: €25-00 per set of 6 incl. delivery in Ireland. €5-00 extra for delivery to GB.

Superior Quality Leather

O'Meara Sliotars